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Calling All Families!
Join us at Tuki Tuki Camp for our first Annual Family Camp beginning at:

4:00pm on Friday, 23 February 2023

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$75.00 per person

(Children UNDER 5 yrs old are FREE)


$75.00 per person ( Children UNDER 5 yrs old are FREE)


TukiTuki Christian Camp

70 Moore Road | Haumoana, Hastings 4172

Camp Guidelines

1.  EVERYONE MUST bring their Bible and Workbook to every session.

2.  PLEASE SILENCE ALL phones or mobile devices during Seminar Times.

3.  Anyone leaving the campgrounds should let Camp Staff know.

4.  EVERYONE is expected to attend ALL camp sessions and workshops

5.  EVERYONE is expected to wash their OWN dishes after each meal.

6.  When it’s your turn to assist in cleaning the kitchen it is expected you be on time.

7.  The camp has severe restrictions after dark (Health and Safety Regulations), so everyone must be inside their dorms by 10:30 pm and lights out at 11pm.

8.  We will treat the Campsite with respect.

9.  We are expected to keep our dorms clean and tidy.

10.  Boys and Girls will stay out of each other’s dorms. NO EXCEPTIONS!


No foul language.  No Smoking.  No Alcohol.  No pets or animals


No foul language.  No Smoking.  No Alcohol.  

No pets or animals.


No foul language.  No Smoking.  

No Alcohol.  No pets or animals.

Items Every Camper Needs

1.  Bible - Pen & Pencil.

2.  Bedding (linens or sleeping bag and pillow).

3.  Toiletries, including toilet paper!

4. Any prescription/needed medications. 

5.  A towel or towels for bathing, etc.

6.  A tea towel (each person will be expected to clean their OWN dishes).

7.  Plates & Cups. AND Knives, Forks, & Spoons.

8.  Any snacks you may want to bring.

9.  Mossie/Insect Repellant.

10. Possibly a small room fan.

11. Togs (swimwear).

12. Come expecting a GREAT time!


What NOT To Bring:

Radios, TVs, Alcohol.

Anything else you suspect would be objectionable at a Christian Family Camp.



You may bring coolers/chilly bins.

Fill them with your favorite drinks and snacks of your choice for the weekend.

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About BridgeWay Baptist Church

BridgeWay Baptist Church exists as a bridge, to connect others to Christ.

BridgeWay is a family – a Bible-believing, Jesus following family. We believe that God "so loved the world", and that He sent Jesus because of that love. We are serious about God’s truth and Jesus’ mission – The Gospel. We love God and each other, we are growing together in God’s Word, and we seek to serve others with authentic grace and humility. If you need a place to belong and want to experience spiritual renewal, then BridgeWay is the place for you! Welcome!

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
John 3:16
So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another.
Romans 12:5